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Hi! I'm Bekah Kitterman. I'm a multidisciplinary designer and artist chillin' in Washington, DC. I get excited by work that begins in a tactile media, gets transformed to the digital realm, and then back again (because it's sort of like transcending time and space... but seemingly safer and more fun). My aesthetic is marked by a casual handmade feel, whimsical shapes, and quirky humor.

I have a B.A. in Studio Art from Greenville College, and after years in the non-profit sector I now happily work as an independent creative maker and the one-woman-show behind If & When Workshop. I enjoy the variety of projects and clients I get to work with as a freelancer, and the many exciting folks I meet as customers for my happy home goods.

If & When Workshop came about after a season of budget cuts left me without a traditional day job. During this heart-digging season of asking "if and when" I was going to step out of the daily grind of office culture and find something more interesting to do with my work life, I decided to answer my inner "ifs and whens" by delving into creative work full-time. 

When not tinkering in my studio, I love spending time with my lawyer/baker husband Ian, frequenting art museums with wide eyes, drinking endless cups of chai, and satisfying my wanderlust. If I could be any animal (besides human) I would hands-down be an octopus because they have insatiable curiosity, can change colors and even texture, and eight arms sounds like a huge benefit.

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